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Curious Mind & UNTIL DAWN collab on ‘Easier (Not Sorry)’ on Yosh Bass


In the heart of the Netherlands, the Drum & Bass scene is experiencing an electrifying surge, all thanks to the vibrant collaborations of rising talents. UNTIL DAWN, the dynamic duo comprising Joey van Zanden and Lars van Jole, and the burgeoning talent Curious Mind have joined forces to unveil their latest sonic masterpiece, ‘Easier (Not Sorry)’, which is coming via Yosh Bass.

Joey and Lars, the driving force behind UNTIL DAWN, emerged onto the music scene during the tumultuous days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, the duo immersed themselves in their craft, shaping a unique blend of high-energy beats and hard-hitting dance anthems that set them apart. Their recent triumphs, including gracing the stage at Liquicity Festival and releasing an official remix through the esteemed Red Ocean label, underscore their meteoric rise within the drum and bass realm.

What distinguishes UNTIL DAWN is their infectious on-stage chemistry, fostering an energy that envelops audiences in a dance-induced euphoria. Their sonic journey promises an exhilarating experience, seamlessly blending neurofunk and jump-up vibes, creating a magnetic allure that keeps the dance floor pulsating all night long.

Enter Curious Mind, an emerging DJ and producer whose musical odyssey commenced in 2019, initially crafting hip-hop beats before transitioning to the captivating realm of electronic dance music. Hailing from the Netherlands, Curious Mind honed his distinct sound within the Drum & Bass domain, showcasing an innate talent for shaping melodies that captivate the senses.

Now, the convergence of UNTIL DAWN and Curious Mind has resulted in the explosive track ‘Easier (Not Sorry).’ Combining their individual prowess and sonic ingenuity, this collaboration intertwines UNTIL DAWN’s signature energetic beats with Curious Mind’s innovative approach, delivering a sonic tapestry that is both invigorating and immersive.

‘Easier (Not Sorry),’ boasts a pulsating rhythm, driven by adrenaline-fueled beats that cascade through a labyrinth of soundscapes. Each layer reveals a meticulous fusion of styles, seamlessly blending UNTIL DAWN’s penchant for high-octane rhythms with Curious Mind’s intricate melodies, resulting in a sonic narrative that is both dynamic and enchanting.

Listeners are beckoned into a world where euphoria meets raw energy, where every beat resonates with an unbridled passion for music. ‘Easier (Not Sorry)’ encapsulates the essence of two powerhouse entities merging their artistry, promising an auditory journey that defies conventions and leaves an indelible imprint on the Drum & Bass landscape.

As UNTIL DAWN and Curious Mind continue to carve their path in the vibrant realm of electronic music, ‘Easier (Not Sorry)’ stands as proof of their collective brilliance, beckoning enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a sonic adventure that transcends boundaries.

This collaboration is more than just a track; it’s a testament to the unyielding creativity and relentless dedication of artists who strive to push the boundaries of musical innovation.

Check out our premiere of Curious MInd & UNTIL DAWN ‘Easier (Not Sorry)’ below. The track drops via Yosh Bass on Friday 17th November, you can grab a copy here!

Easier (Not Sorry) cover