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Cranium launches Druid Records’ 2021 releases with ‘Holding On’


Usually, when we hear Druid Records are about to drop a new release we prepare ourselves for some deep, dark, moody neuro. Let’s face it, the label has been dedicated purveyors of it for some time. But Druid’s first release of 2021 offers something very different. A wondrously uplifting liquid single from Cranium featuring the vocal talents of Sammie Hall.

Maybe it’s the result of the delicate situation we’re facing across the world right now where we’re all in need of a bit more light in our lives – apart from New Zealand of course… Or maybe it’s just testament to a label who are able to seamlessly switch up the styles they release and still maintain the quality they’re renowned for. We think it’s definitely the latter.

Just like Druid, Vienna-based producers Cranium are known for their darker sonics on labels such as Hanzom Music and Darkside Records, but ‘Holding On’ offers a fresh insight into a more tender side to their production capabilities. From the warm strings to the dreamy keys, it’s a tune filled with feeling-inducing euphoria.

This emotive direction is brought to life through Sammie Hall’s dulcet vocals, which leave us feeling a crazy sense of nostalgia about all the things we’re desperately trying to hold onto in life right now. Raves, festivals, bass vibrations, social contact, more raves – there are quite a few things…

Sammie’s collaboration on ‘Holding On’ follows on from the Brighton-based songwriter hitting new heights with features on ProgRAM, Skankandbass and Macky Gee’s Down to Earth label. The single marks a milestone debut outing for both her and Cranium on Druid, whilst also sending a message of intent from the label about their promising year ahead.

As we head into a year filled with negative dread, we recommend people instead fill their lives with some positive Druid. Check out the premiere for Cranium’s ‘Holding On’ (feat. Sammie Hall) below. You’ll be able to get your hands on it from January 16th from here


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