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Conrad Subs set to drop ‘The Horizon Leans Forward’ LP


Conrad Subs presents his highly anticipated second album, ‘The Horizon Leans Forward’, a project three years in the making. With this album, Conrad guides listeners on a journey through his unique perspective on the evolution of Drum & Bass music – celebrating its rich history, reflecting its current state, and envisioning its exciting future. In an era dominated by singles, ‘The Horizon Leans Forward’ is a rare gem – a complete and immersive album experience.

Conrad Subs elaborates on his inspiration, saying, “I aimed to capture the sense of wonder I felt as a child when I listened to iconic Drum & Bass albums such as ‘Colours’ by Adam F, ‘Timeless’ by Goldie, ‘Mysteries of Funk’ by Grooverider, and ‘New Forms’ by Roni Size & Reprazent. These albums took listeners on an unforgettable journey, prioritizing the pure essence of music over commercial concerns. To achieve this, I ventured beyond the confines of the contemporary Drum & Bass formula, recognizing that true self-expression can be challenging within the constraints of a 3-minute track at 178bpm. My approach was to simply create music and see where it led.”

The result is a collection of 13 tracks that embody the essence of Drum & Bass in its purest form, boasting a cinematic brilliance while staying rooted in the underground ethos. ‘The Horizon Leans Forward’ invites you to step into uncharted musical territory and embrace the winds of change.

Check out our premiere of ‘Helter Skelter’ below. ‘The Horizon Leans Forward’ LP drops tomorrow, Friday 15th September via Koba Audio. Make sure you grab a copy from here!

The Horizon Leans Forward cover

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