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Climpo drops ‘Open Your Mind’ LP


Never conforming to the typical Drum & Bass production blueprint, Climpo continues to pioneer new experimental sounds within Drum & Bass….It’s time to Open Your Mind!

As 2021 drew to a close, Climpo had worked tirelessly to produce and release his second album ’The Shadow of my Light’. He openly admitted putting together 15 tracks within the space of a year almost killed him and while he loved the finished article, it was time for a break! But low and behold, he received a notification out of the blue that his track ‘Alleviate’ (produced with Alec Soren) had been selected for airplay on Radio 1 Dance with Jaguar, followed by a guest mix and album feature on BBC 3 Counties Radio. Buoyed by the success of a dream coming true, he found a new level of inspiration to start work again on a third album, but what direction would music take him in this time?

When Climpo launched his label Full Send dnb, the aim was always to help undiscovered talent break into the music scene, but as the label has built up a stable of over 40 international artists, it has evolved to become the home of more experimental Drum & Bass, so Climpo decided he needed to role model this experimental style in his new album. 

“While I pushed hard to create the new sound of ‘Euphoric drum & bass’ in 2021 and it’s still a theme of my new album, I’ve also gone in some unique directions with my tracks. I continually hear people copying each other’s sounds, whether that be minimal foghorns or the catchy melodies of jump up, so I was keen to continue away from the mainstream to allow me to be authentic to myself and the label, while opening up the minds of our many fans to influence the sounds of the future”


In order to continue his progress and inspiration as an artist, Climpo began putting together a group of like-minded producers to work with on the project, all of whom share the confidence and passion for creating their own unique sounds and styles. The album features a host of collaborations and remixes with rising stars including Circle Red, Alec Soren, Hypershell, Adam M and Stonx to ensure it is one of the standout releases of 2022. 

While 2022 has been hugely successful for Climpo, with further Radio 1 coverage and festival performances, he remains very grounded about his progress. 

“When I first started producing I thought I needed to make tracks just like the producers I admired, or get a release on a famous label, in order to be taken seriously so I actually lacked confidence for a long time about playing my own music live. The funny thing about music is that everyone has their different tastes and it has actually been the tracks that I nearly didn’t release that have been the most successful – because they are different. My advice to all aspiring artists is to really focus on the quality of your music (production, mixing and mastering) but be strong in yourself about who you are going to be as an artist; in the end, it’s your journey!”


Today we premiere Climpo ‘Open Your Mind’ which you can check out below. Climpo’s album drops today (Friday 5th August), make sure you grab a copy from here

Open Your Mind cover

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