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Climpo & Alec Soren drop ‘Far From Home’ EP on Full Send dnb


Full Send dnb continue to push the boundaries of Drum & Bass….Could this be the birth of a new sub-genre?

What happens when Drum & Bass collides with House music? Well, Climpo and Alec Soren have merged their own unique sounds to create the amazing ‘Far From Home’ EP, with what many are calling a new sound for 2021. This is the start of ‘Euphoric Drum & Bass’!

Back in the summer of 2019 Climpo and Alec were brought together by chance. Having just stepped off the plane in Ibiza they were called by a promoter looking for some DJs to close out a party at Pure Club in San Antonio. They clicked instantly and dropped a massive B2B set to the delight of the crowd! Their relationship continued as Climpo released a number of tracks on Alec’s label Captum Records, before joining forces in 2020 to launch the new label Full Send dnb. The aim of which is to bring underground and new experimental styles of Drum & Bass to the forefront of the scene. 

Far From Home cover art

They began experimenting with production together, working on how they could bring their own styles of House and Drum & Bass together to create something new. Reflecting on their time together in Ibiza, they decided to create a new style that people would listen to on the beach or at a bar. Some kind of ‘daytime Drum & Bass’; with the aim of bringing the genre even more into the mainstream – Euphoric Drum & Bass was born! Early experiments proved to be successful with them releasing the ‘Before the Sun Sets’ EP under the pseudonym Neuralink at the start of the year which has gained a lot of popularity, especially in the USA…

We really wanted to create a fresh new sound combining, elements of House, Trance, Liquid and Halftime which would help not only maintain the legacy of Drum & Bass but also continue to push the boundaries for a new generation of fans”

Climpo and Alec have continued to explore their new sub-genre even further to create the beautiful three-track ‘Far From Home’ EP which is set for release on Full Send dnb today (23rd April), with four limited edition remixes from Circle Red, Flecky, Daida and DJ Wizdom landing later on in the year.

Today we premiere Climpo & Alec Soren ‘Far From Home’ which you can check out below. The EP is out now, make sure you grab it using the purchase link beneath the player!