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Chook & Radic combine for ‘Upwards Spiral’ on Evolution Chamber


Evolution Chamber, the esteemed label in the realm of electronic music, extends its warm welcome to Chook, hailing from Luxembourg. In collaboration with his long-standing comrade Radic, Chook unveils the groove-infused and futuristic roller titled ‘Upwards Spiral’.

Commencing his musical odyssey in 2002, Chook has maintained a prominent presence in the Drum & Bass domain, delivering groundbreaking releases under his very own record label, Full Force Recordings, since 2004. This platform facilitated Chook’s synergistic efforts with Phace, resulting in numerous tracks that found their home on Shadow Law Recordings, overseen by the late Mayhem. Chook’s unswerving commitment to pushing sonic boundaries has rightfully established him as a trailblazer of the Neurofunk sound prevalent in the mid-2000s.

‘Upwards Spiral’ serves as a testament to Chook’s artistic brilliance and his evolutionary trajectory. The track’s immaculate and refined production guides listeners into a realm of auditory ecstasy, where forward-looking elements harmonize with funky rhythms, crafting an all-encompassing and enthralling auditory journey. As a homage to Chook’s pioneering ethos within the Neurofunk movement of the mid-2000s, ‘Upwards Spiral’ pays homage, garnering the admiration of both devoted fans and fellow artists alike.

Prepare to be entranced by Chook’s extraordinary sonic conception, as ‘Upwards Spiral’ takes its place within Evolution Chamber’s repertoire. Brace yourself to dive into a universe of avant-garde soundscapes and enduring rhythms, as Chook persistently shapes the Drum & Bass landscape through his innovative artistry.

It gives me immense pleasure to share this new track from Chook and Radic with you today. Check it out below. It drops this Friday 18th August via Evolution Chamber and you can get your hands on a copy here!

Upwards Spiral cover