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CELO releases part 4 of his 20:20 Project


Originally from the UK, CELO is now based in Denmark. He has had previous releases on labels such as Hyperactivity Music to Fragmented Recordings, and has gained traction on streaming services such as Spotify. CELO has DJ’d at various club nights such as Subhive and FEUM, and also helps others learn the craft of music production.

Back in January CELO launched his 2020:Project which, by then, had already been months in the planning. His aim? To independently release 12 tracks in 12 months.

Part 4 of CELO’s 2020:Project brings mystery, atmosphere and thundering bass to the venture. ‘Distant Lands’ is this month’s captivating release. There’s no mistake from the first synth that this track is dark and atmospheric, filled with saturated bass and classic breaks, taking the listener on a journey into the deeper side of drum and bass. But don’t mistake the power of this track, as the earth-shattering bassline means business, accompanied perfectly with sounds found in classic jungle as well as clean drums that hit hard.

“I’ve really wanted to prove to myself, and maybe help show others, that you can release music independently. This is actually not normal in the D&B world, as everyone else I know that produces D&B is always looking to get signed. But I’m trying a different approach, so this whole 20:20 has no label attached to it, just me…” – CELO

From 90’s raver to ‘late blooming’ D&B producer, CELO’s focus is on the deeper, minimal and liquid side of the drum & bass genre, with influences from artists such as Leftfield, Arkaik, The Prodigy, Break, Foo Fighters and the old skool sounds of early Jungle, hip hop and rock. Reaching 175,000 streams alone on Spotify, releases on a variety of labels and compilations, and support from Humanature and Linear to name a few, his passion for music, rave culture and distortion has propelled him into the world of drum & bass.

Check out CELO ‘Distant Lands’ below. It’s out on 27th April so please be sure to support him by grabbing a copy from here


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