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Cal Jamma drops ‘Feel Alive’ feat. Chloe Kay on Ride Sound Audio


Cal Jamma‘s latest production ‘Feel Alive’ showcases a harmonious blend of contrasting elements. With crunchy drums reminiscent of popping candy and synths exuding a deep and toasty flavour, his sound is elevated by the dreamy and melodic vocals of singer/songwriter Chloe Kay. This release represents Cal’s most expansive and polished work to date. Reflecting on his creative process, Cal expresses his rejuvenation within the Drum & Bass mindset, remarking, “I feel alive being back in the drum and bass mindset”.

Cal Jamma’s enduring love affair with drum and bass naturally led him into the world of electronic music production. In 2018, he embarked on his journey as a producer, and since then, he has amassed nearly 20 releases under his belt. Taking the helm of the former Headspace and Bass Music label, Cal has transformed it into Ride Sound Audio.

Under the new name, Ride Sound Audio, Cal has revitalized the label by recruiting fresh talent and broadening its range of musical genres. While the label was initially focused on Drum & Bass, it now embraces a wider spectrum of bass music and breaks.

Among the notable artists on the label are MC/DJ Pab, step, I-Kay, and Captain Coach. However, Cal remains dedicated to seeking out additional artists to enhance the label’s musical diversity and expand its catalogue.

Excitingly, Ride Sound Audio has recently launched its brand-new website, www.ridesoundaudio.com. Here, visitors can enjoy the label’s releases, submit demos, and take advantage of the Ride Sound Audio Mastering service. This new service allows producers to have their music professionally mastered by Cal, utilizing the studio’s high-quality analogue mastering hardware.

Check out our premiere of ‘I Feel Alive’ below. Make sure you get your hands on a copy from here!

Feel Alive cover

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