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CaitC returns to LUX Music with her ‘Remixed’ EP


After welcoming CaitC to LUX late last year with a fiery debut release, her tunes have now become staples in many sets around the world, either as sing-along anthems or naughty switches. Now, almost a year later we felt it was time to revisit these tracks, inviting Dutch newcomer Jetyx, mysterious duo Raid:Zero and CaitC herself to give them a fresh new twist with the ‘Remixed’ EP.

From a true festival feel-good anthem to a twisted high-octane banger, Jetyx takes ‘Shooting Star’ and flips it on its head. He starts the remix off with the impeccable vocals of Marge, setting an impatient atmosphere and slowly building the pressure while adding guitars, drums and synths until all of it culminates into a massive release at the drop. From here on no holds are barred as Jetyx goes all out on his debut release, with flailing synths, aggressive guitar stabs and a bouncy rhythm to keep you going throughout the track. Even though this is only his first release ever, this remix is already soaked in identity, with a signature style familiar from his DJ sets.

Next up is the VIP of ‘Reaching’ by CaitC herself. She introduces the rework with a grand stadium-like intro, taking elements from the original like the vocals and iconic screeches to build anticipation and gently introduce the brand new lead. Just when you’re craving the drop, CaitC hits you with a final “you & I” after which a roaring reese bass and whipping drums blow you away. As the rhythm and energy stay high, bass fills hint back to the original track and complete the arrangement, delivering a hard-hitting weapon for festivals and clubs alike.

Last but not least, Raid:Zero returns to the label, this time making a connection with CaitC and leaving their mark on ‘Play’. The mysterious duo keeps true to their identity, bringing inspiration from another plane and reharmonizing the original intro to a cinematic and emotive piece. The subtle piano is slowly overrun by different elements of the original, with vocal chops, atmospheric elements and a brand new lead sound taking the upper hand. As the atmosphere builds, Raid:Zero once again go all-out in the drop, giving you a bombastic symphony of sounds, stacked with raw bass hits and an ever-changing soundscape. As the breakdown hits you have a minute to breathe, bringing back the soft piano and full vocals of the original, but don’t get too comfortable as Raid:Zero once again has a surprise in store for the second drop.

Altogether these three tracks are a surprise for any listener, DJ or raver alike, ready for the dancefloor but just as fitting if you need an energy boost for the gym. With both uplifting and melancholic melodies included, and everything produced to the highest standards, this is one that’s sure to turn heads.

Today we premiere Jetyx’s remix of ‘Shooting Star’ which you can check out below. The ‘Remixed’ EP drops tomorrow (Thursday 18th August) make sure you grab a copy from here!

Remixed cover

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