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CaitC ‘Play’ [LUX Music]


CaitC ‘Play’ [LUX Music] ***Out 9th December 2021***

It’s been 1 year since the first LUX Music release, and now they proudly introduce their new compilation series. In a similar vein to the natural phenomenon, ‘Aurora’ is an ever-changing series, taking on many forms and showing a wide spectrum of music.

Fresh off her debut release ‘Shooting Star/Reaching’, CaitC delivers her latest, energetic banger in the guise of ‘Play’. In this new track, CaitC combines her infectious energy with top-notch production once again. Starting off with an intriguing intro she immediately sets the mood and has the vocals guide you to the drop. As the lyrics insinuate, the way this track drops is hard, energetic and upbeat, not beating around the bush or playing any games.

The in-your-face style of the bassline, drums and retro flavoured lead deliver an exceptionally lively feel which will surely have you move your feet and nod your head. All of this results in a perfect tool for DJ’s looking to smash the dance or for you looking for a great pick me up in the afternoon.

Once more CaitC’s musicality is undeniable, while we’ve only heard a little bit from her so far, it’s undeniable she will go far!

Check out our premiere of CaitC ‘Play’ below. The first instalment of LUX Music’s ‘Aurora’ series drops on 9th December, make sure you grab a copy from the button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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