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BSN Posse release the video for ‘Glory Days’


After 4 years of life, Iberian Juke has become one of the worldwide references when talking about 160BPM music. Going from footwork and juke to jungle and hybrids, the Spanish label, founded by BSN Posse, has explored the boundaries of these music genres, finding their own recognisable sound and giving the opportunity to newcomer producers like Stayhigh, Pablo Dread or Ria Skin to grow freely, developing their sound and artistic projects.

On set

Backed by big labels like Teklife and Hyperdub or music platforms/media like Red Bull Music, Pitchfork and Resident Advisor, Iberian Juke has also tried to bring footwork and juke culture to the Spanish public, organising events like the ‘First Meeting Of Footwork Culture’ back in 2016 or being part of the Sonar+D program on 2017.

Taking a break

After the release of ‘Take Me Back To The South’ by BSN Posse, which was also the first release on vinyl, the label decided to make a visual presentation of the opening song ‘Glory Days’. Chasing the continued growth and development of the label, Iberian Juke teamed up with the director Kait Hutchison and the visual artist Maker Fly, both based in Barcelona, to produce together this video clip, represented by Glory Daze and Go Real Studio. They also had the pleasure of working with the Spanish artist, dancer and singer Gitano del Futuro as the main character. The project was born from the idea of making a trip back to the present, in our future days of glory, remembering all the good things that have gone but are still alive in our memories.

Watch the official video below

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