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Breakage drops new EP on Index


Breakage returns for the fifth release on his own label Index, the aptly titled ‘India November Delta Echo X-Ray’ EP.

In a very short space of time, Breakage‘s Index Music label has become a go-to for fans and artists alike. The high-quality threshold of the label and its output has resulted in unanimous appreciation from all those listening. Most notable in recent times for this is Annie Mac who recently tweeted “Breakage. One of the best to do it.”

The release contains four tracks that carry the unmistakable Index ‘sound’ forward once more. For the first time, a guest arrives on the imprint in the form of the unsurpassable Break. Break was specifically chosen for a remix of ‘As We Enter’. He is an artist that unreservedly understands what both Index and Breakage are all about.

The first single from the EP, released on 31st July, ‘Valhalla’ sets out the intention of the release. We are given that vintage Breakage sound with all the hallmarks of 2020 sonic perfection. Break’s ‘As We Enter’ remix follows on the 14th August. ‘Valhalla’ and ‘As We Enter’ remix act as the the ‘flag in the sand’ for what the rest of the EP holds. It’s an exciting prospect for newcomers and established fans of the label and artist.

Today, we have the honour of premiering Break’s remix of ‘As We Enter’. The original version is immediately recognisable when it drops and this new remix is likely to follow suit. Brought right up to date in a way that only a few producers are capable of doing really well, it’s really of little surprise that Break was hand selected for this task!

Check it out below and make sure you get yourself a copy of the release. You can grab a bundle of T-shirt, vinyl and digital from here!


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