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Brain debuts on Mustard Music with ‘Near Future’ EP


Summer is finally making its mark in the UK, which means two things: unpredictable weather and fields filled with booming sound systems. Ready for some fresh tunes? Mustard Music is excited to introduce the debut release from Brain. The EP, titled ‘Near Future’, showcases what this Brighton-based label is all about – funky beats driven by the intense rhythms of Neurofunk and the laid-back vibes of Techstep.

This EP is a guaranteed treat, packed with the vibrant flair of its talented Colombian creator, Brain. From the techy, rolling beats of ‘Visitors’ featuring Serpnt (one half of ZeroZero), to the evolving underground sounds of ‘Disappointed’ that will leave listeners anything but disappointed.

‘Near Future’ isn’t just about delivering tracks; it’s about creating an experience. Imagine being in the heart of a festival, the sun setting, and the crowd moving as one to the infectious beats. Brain’s unique style brings a fresh energy that’s perfect for both those sun-soaked afternoons and the late-night dance floors.

Mustard Music isn’t stopping here. The label is cooking up a storm with more releases on the horizon. Each track they put out is carefully crafted to ensure it resonates with both seasoned ravers and new listeners alike. Fans should stay tuned because Mustard Music is just getting started.

While diving into these new sounds, why not share the love? Encourage friends to check out ‘Near Future’ and get everyone on the same wavelength. Together, this summer can be one to remember, with Mustard Music providing the soundtrack.

Welcome to their new future. Let’s make some noise!

Check out our premiere of ‘Near Future’ below. The ‘Near Future’ EP drops on Friday 5th July, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Near Future cover

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