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BIONYK ‘Pulsate’ [Hanzom Music]


BIONYK ‘Pulsate’ [Hanzom Music] *** Out 16th December 2021***

Crisis has always been the cradle for innovative ideas and creative expression. And within crisis, the musical project BIONYK was born.

BIONYK, a collective of variously talented musicians, conducted a heartfelt musical expedition towards the outer rims of electronic music. Their ‘Burning Tree’ EP is an attempt to combine organic sounds with exquisite musical production.

The introductive title song of ‘Burning Tree’ is accompanied by the touching voices of the Belcanto children’s choir and a visually stunning video. The not too invasive Dubstep beat sets the mood for the upcoming songs. ‘Burning Tree’ is an unusual release for the Drum & Bass focused label HANZOM Music, but as an observant listener, you will understand its significance in these troubling times. While the EP starts off with a melancholic yet calming melody, ‘Burning Tree’ increases its energy with each song, approaching a destructive climax in form of ‘Balck Heaven’. All in all, the ‘Burning Tree’ EP is a well-balanced and refreshingly experimental piece of electronic music. The members of BIONYK, whose names seem irrelevant compared to their message, crafted the musical foundation for some very talented singers. Together they created this collection of cataclysmic hymns, reflecting the current state of our world.

What is their message? Well, this EP has the potential to shake you up, if you take it for what it is: A call upon all of you that the time has come to act against the relentless destruction of our world.

“Words can not describe how important this project is to us. It is an absolute blessing to work with so many beautiful children and artists in order to give back to the world and to support children and help them get a better life. Everyone needs education, love, care, nutrition. What would the world look like without helping hands?

That is why we are donating the profits of this EP from digital + vinyl distribution to the “Kindernothilfe” charity organization.

Every support is appreciated forever and would mean the world! Feel free to send us links to your podcasts, mixes, videos, live cuts in which you playing the songs. We would love to send shout-outs and gratitudes.” – Hanzom Music

Check out our premiere of ‘Pulsate’ below. The ‘Burning Tree’ EP dropped yesterday, do yourself a favour and grab yourself a Christmas present from the button beneath the Soundcloud player!