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Benny V & DJ Uniques collab on ‘Next Era’ EP


Jungle infused rolling Drum & Bass to open up the new year for Dance Concept with something very big, very bad and very heavy!

Benny V and DJ Uniques have a long-standing history together and make a great team. Their collaborations over the years have resulted in some beautiful music being created. This new release is no different. It has racked up streams from some of the scenes’ leading DJ’s, who have littered their mixes and livestreams with tracks from the EP. There’s a little bit of flavour for everyone!

Their ‘Next Era’ EP is another solid offering from the prolific twosome, consisting of 4 absolute weapons! Opening up the EP is the title track ‘Next Era’ which rolls and bubbles with a tinge of Bristol. Next, ‘Tribal’ gets your toes tapping and your head nodding with some infectious Jungle beats before picking up the pace and throwing you further into 2021 than you can imagine. Following up is ‘I Lied’ which supplies a wonderful encapsulating bassline with some minimal beats before a big switch up. No lies detected here! Then, there’s just about enough time and space for a remix of ‘Fallen Error’ giving the Jump Up crowd something to scream for.

Dance Concept has been running since 1999. They’ve put on events all over the UK as well as releasing music on all formats on the record label. They’ve had releases from some of the worlds biggest artists including Serum, Voltage, Kenny Ken, Aphrodite, Brockie, Bladerunner and the late and great Stevie Hyper D! This is a label that has stood the test of time and is clearly showing no signs of slowing down!

Are you ready for the ‘Next Era’?!?! We don’t think so…you’d better brace yourselves!!

Today we premiere DJ Uniques ‘Fallen Error’ (Benny V & DJ Uniques Remix). Check it out below and turn it up loud! The ‘Next Era’ EP drops this Friday (15th January) make sure you get yourselves a copy from here


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