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Bendik HK remixes Gouldian Finch ‘Cocoon’ on All Ape


Check out this fresh spin on a track from Gouldian Finch (aka Martin Horntveth), as he teams up with Bendik HK to bring us a revamped version of ‘Cocoon’. Bendik HK adds his own flavour to the mix, blending nu-wave jungle, electronica, and experimental vibes into the remix, keeping us hooked with every beat.

Bendik HK is making waves both at home in Norway and on the global stage with his killer studio work and electrifying live shows. He’s known for crafting rhythmic landscapes that harken back to the early days of Burial, mixing in lazy melodies and atmospheric progressions that paint vivid scenes of chem-trails drifting through cloudy skies. His tracks are like a journey into steamy atmospheres, filled with futuristic electronic sounds that’ll transport you to another dimension.

“I met Bendik when he was 11 years old. Already then, he was an enormous drum talent, but he also wanted to explore other instruments, as well as composition and production. I used every chance I got to help him into the spotlight; first by having him support my band Jaga Jazzist with a 20-minute drum solo when he was 12, and later in projects that amongst other things led to his collaboration with Pantha du Prince. When I wanted to make a remix album, I knew I had to ask Bendik. – Martin Horntveth

Meanwhile, Martin Horntveth’s got quite the resume, co-founding the legendary band Jaga Jazzist and lending his talents to projects like The National Bank. He’s worked his magic with a diverse range of artists, from DumdumBoys to Malin Pettersen, showcasing his production skills time and again. And let’s not forget his contributions to TV series like “Himmelblå” and films like “For vi er gutta” and the Oscar-nominated “Do Not Split”. Gouldian Finch is just the latest chapter in his incredible journey.

“I’ve been contemplating creating this album since the early 2000s, but the process has always been interrupted by some better-paying gig or project. Most importantly, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to “land” on a sound that would encompass everything. It was only when I decided to put everything I love into the same pot that it clicked, and it made sense to release the music.” – Martin Horntveth

Gouldian Finch’s collaboration with Bendik HK is a testament to their creative genius and versatility in the music scene. With each new project, they push boundaries and redefine genres, captivating audiences worldwide. Together, they’re a powerhouse duo, blending their unique styles to create something truly unforgettable. Keep an eye on these two, because they’re just getting started on their musical journey.

Check out our premiere of Gouldian Finch ‘Cocoon’ (Bendik HK remix) below! The release drops this Friday 19th April, grab your copy here!

Cocoon cover