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Beatmool drops ‘Last Night’ EP on 170+ Recordings


Beatmool joins the ranks at 170+ Recordings with a brand new release entitled ‘Last Night’ EP. Beatmool is a Korean-born DJ and producer who now resides in Vancouver, Canada. His emotive and melodic sound originates from his organic approach to music production with instruments such as piano and guitar. His organic style of production has landed him releases under RAM Records as well as its sister label ProgRAM. With Drum & Bass, Trip-Hop, Post-Rock and Ambient music being the biggest influence, Beatmool guides his listeners through his beautiful selection of sounds. This 4 track EP shows his constant drive and development as an artist, enjoy the ride.

Opening up the EP we have ‘Show Me’, where introspective dialogue brings us up to the drop as lush guitar plucks set the tone for a smooth and therapeutic journey.

The title track ‘Last Night’ is next and quite difficult to put into words. “Masterpiece” is the first thing that springs to mind. His signature guitar and piano combination are seldomly found executed with such precision. It truly is his signature sound.

Next up is ‘First Snow’, again Beatmool’s guitar is the star here. Blending post-rock with a classic Think-break, sitting on top of a warm bassline, as a hypnotic melody carries us along. 

Lastly ‘Dive’ ends this stand-out EP with airy vocals dripping in reverb which sit in the background alongside soulful keys and yes you guessed it, more guitar.

Today we premiere ‘Show Me’ which you can check out below. Beatmooll drops his ‘Last Night’ EP on 170+ Recordings on Friday 4th March, make sure you grab a copy for your collection from here!


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