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BassDubbers drop ‘Lardar’ EP on Abyssal Music


Belgian powerhouse BassDubbers introduce themselves to the Abyssal family by delivering a stellar EP that covers a wide spectrum of styles. From underground venues to LED-lighted bedrooms, this release suits a variety of moods and locations.

Deep, rolling, colourful and punching Drum & Bass is what BassDubbers stands for. The Antwerp based duo has been on the Belgium D&B scene for almost 10 years. They started with versatile sets in different regional youth clubs while always trying to “up their game”. Slowly but steadily getting noticed in the scene, they’ve managed to share line-ups with international DJs. They’ve appeared at some very tasty Belgian events like Tomorrowland, Bredren Invites, Steam and WUOA. After many hours in the studio, they secured releases on various labels like Auffect Platinum, C Recordings and Soul Lab. Now, it’s time to reveal their ‘Lardar’ EP on Abyssal Music. And that’s not all that 2021 is going to bring for these guys. So keep your eyes peeled!

The title track of the EP, ‘Lardar’, starts off with psychotic indistinguishable murmuring accompanied by an eerie pad in the background. This intro descends further into madness as the tension builds and finally culminates, it dissolves into rumbling mid-range basses, perfectly guided by crisp percussion.

‘Spliff’ immediately sets off with a resonant all-telling punch. As the intro builds an impactful kick joins the gang, laying out the expectations percussion wise and telling us that this is going to be a real stepper. The vibe becomes more clear as multiple vocals come into play suggesting clear southern Rastafari origin.

‘With The Flow’ opens with cinematic strings taking you straight to a moment in time where, although with residual hope, you came to the realisation that the path you took wasn’t the right one. A vocal emerges, accompanying this mood by its melancholic nature, giving the clear message that “all we had to do… was go with the flow”.

Wingz strips back this gem to its core elements for our premiere. He’s turned it into a minimal dancefloor killer that will make everybody in the dance lose their mind. What is put in the spotlight in the original track, gets left behind by the Austrian tech wizard. Wingz takes it back to its basics without losing the essence of the original.

Check out BassDubbers ‘With The Flow’ (Wingz Remix) below. The ‘Larder’ EP drops via Abyssal Music on 19th February, you can grab yourself a copy from here


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