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Bass music experimentalist Seppa drops ‘Skrrt’ on Wonkay Records


In a rare moment of genre specificity, bass music experimentalist Seppa turns his hands to the dark and dirty side of Drum & Bass. ‘Skrrt’ locks down a solid and unrelenting slice of tech menace, balancing swung rhythms with a rigidly futuristic synthetic backbone. As is common with Seppa’s work, there’s a wry smile behind the track that easily connects to the fun of the dance floor and keeps you oscillating between a grin and screw face the whole way through.

Seppa’s music is fuelled by experimentation, flexibility and high creative standards. Co-founder of the Slug Wife label/collective (who staged a takeover of Room 2 at BF 2020) and co-runner of Wonk#ay Records, his music spans from sharp fusions of Drum & Bass, hip-hop and neuro to dubstep, speedy rave styles and beyond. Tying it all together is his sound design prowess and a knack for aggressive arrangements. He’s been DJing across the UK and Europe for years and has toured the US extensively. He’s as comfortable playing prime time slots at festivals (Tipper & Friends, Sonic Bloom) as he is sweatbox raves. Alongside his acclaimed albums (More, 2018 and Split, 2020) and EPs (the latest is Meliora, 2022), he’s been exploring his UK rave roots lately on releases for Mutant Bass and Nightcore4TotalSluts which riff on nightcore, hardcore and footwork.

Check out our premiere of ‘Skrrt’ below. The track drops via Wonkay Records on Friday 17th January, you can get your hands on a copy from here!

Skrrt cover

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