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B-Plexx joins Bare Necessity Records on the first VA


‘Bare Necessities Volume 1’ is the first Various Artist release to come out of the Bare Necessity Records camp. The compilation features artists from all around the UK and covers a wide spectrum of sounds and styles.

‘Bare Necessities Volume 1’ takes you on a journey to many corners of Drum & Bass. Along the way uncovering the sounds of a host of talented, forward-thinking producers that together encapsulate the sound and energy of Bare Necessity Records. Hard rolling drums and deep gritty bass is the predominant focus of this carefully selected compilation. From the smooth sounds of Dedman ‘Footnotes’ to the architectural chaos that is Gravit-e ‘The Vanishing’, you will be hooked from start to finish and you will most certainly find what you’re looking for if you’re on the hunt for those special tracks.

Our premiere today comes from up and coming DJ and producer B-Plexx with his offering to the compilation, the fiendishly sounding ‘The Devil’ which starts with some atmospherics followed by a wicked melody before the drums kick in, then…all hell breaks loose. With nods to the old skool sounds fused with the more modern ‘stepper’ sound, this one is guaranteed to get you bouncing at your desk and bopping your head while your stink face is automatically engaged!

B-Plexx is from the UK and started out his journey mixing music as a hobby that slowly turned into him pursuing his dream of producing his own music! Studying music production for 5 or 6 years at college and university he’s continued to progress and gain many signings over the past two years landing his debut EP ‘Face Off’ on Disjointed Textures Audio in 2019. From there he’s attracted many others such as Brawlin Beats, Fearless Audio, OTC Recordings and recently the mighty Liondub International.

‘Bare Necessities Volume 1’ is out today on Juno as an exclusive and drops on all other platforms on 19th June. Check out B-Plexx ‘The Devil’ below and make sure you grab the whole release from here