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B-complex drops ‘Beautiful Lies’ (Edit) via Hospital Records


Undoubtedly, one of the most iconic releases in the extensive NHS archive, B-complex makes a triumphant return to Hospital Records with an exhilarating reimagining of her seminal work, the ‘Beautiful Lies’ EP. This reissue features remixes by Mandidextrous, Rameses B, and a fresh edit crafted by B-complex herself. The original anthem has amassed an impressive tens of millions of plays across various platforms, firmly establishing ‘Beautiful Lies’ as one of the most beloved drum & bass tracks to have successfully resonated with audiences worldwide.

“‘Beautiful Lies’ helped me gather confidence and come out as my true self. The song is lyricless, and as it became a viral sensation, people started uploading videos with montages, often perfectly picking images that described what I felt as I made it, proof to me, that music is indeed a universal language. It became its own entity, and I felt like a proud parent watching it influence peoples’ lives. Many of you came to tell me how it was the song that opened the world of drum & bass for them, or how it helped them to overcome lows in their lives.”B-complex

Kicking things off, B-complex introduces the EP with ‘Beautiful Lies (Edit),’ a modern 2023 rendition that injects a fresh sonic vitality into the original masterpiece. The anthemic vocal chops, razor-sharp reese basslines, and powerhouse drums transport the nostalgic essence of the track seamlessly into contemporary soundsystems.

From AJ Tracey‘s lyrical prowess in the original to its widespread inclusion in countless gaming montages, ‘Beautiful Lies’ continues to bask in its status as a timeless Drum & Bass classic, even thirteen years after its initial release. Notably, B-complex’s VIP rendition of the track has garnered a staggering 19 million views on the UKF Drum & Bass channel, solidifying its place as one of their most popular uploads of all time.

Check out our premiere of ‘Beautiful Lies’ (Edit) below. The release dropped last Thursday 8th September via Hospital Records. Make sure you grab a copy from here!

Beautiful Lies (Edit) cover

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