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Azrah lands on inHabit Recordings


inHabit Recordings are proud to present their latest release from rising Bristol-based star Azrah. Anyone who keeps an unusually close eye on developments at the cutting edge of bassline science will have found themselves on his SoundCloud a few times, screwing their faces up like they’re sucking lemons. That’s as good a reason as any to sign a pair of tunes.

Azrah cover art

Tom Knapp aka Azrah is a Bristol based producer and DJ who’s been honing his sound for years. After releasing music back in 2015 he locked himself away in the studio to develop his skills. Tom first got into Drum & Bass in around 2006/7. He would get home from school and try and mix together his friends older brothers vinyl collection. This quickly turned into a very big part of his life where he started learning production straight after school and hasn’t stopped since.

Taking influences from the likes of Alix Perez, Enei, Break and Mefjus to name a few, Azrah’s sound combines the heavier Neurofunk sound with a more minimalist approach. However, his sound isn’t just limited to the darker tones. Azrah already has a a few releases under his belt with Deep Within Recordings, Red Bar Records and Recode with the latter two nearly 5 years ago. Azrah is ready to make a big impact on the scene.

“I’m very happy to be releasing on inHabit Recordings, their sound and ethos are aligned with where I want to be”. – Azrah

Azrah‘s release on inHabit Recordings consists of two tracks called ‘Sines’ and ‘Context’. Our premiere today is ‘Sines’ which wastes absolutely no time making you wonder why it’s called ‘Sines’. An absolutely cavernous bassline pressure dropping in like a pallet of gold bricks. Techy warps and snarls and a clinically sculptured break gets filled out with rolling percussion.

On the flip ‘Context’ starts off as a hefty weapon of a stepper. All coiled menace and tension, before flexing like a mutant vision of what a Break tune on Virus might’ve sounded like back in the day. It casually tears the rulebook to bits halfway through, then ultimately resolving back into itself.

Moody, militant steppers for the cold winter months ahead, these tunes have the legs to stick around on your USB for a very long time. There’s enough intellect and depth to please the grown heads nodding at the back of the club as well as the loons up front licking the bassbins.

Check out our premiere of ‘Sines’ below. The release drops via inHabit Recordings on 16th October, make sure you grab it from here


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