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Azpect & Lady MC Ft DJSS ‘Free Your Mind’ [Formation Records]


Azpect & Lady MC Ft DJSS ‘Free Your Mind’ [Formation Records] ***Out 12th November***

Hailing from Vancouver, Azpect – real name Chiffon Leyden – has been a card-carrying drum & bass junglist since 2010 and has diligently trekked across the epic, sprawling Canadian terrain to any D&B show she possibly could. Linking up with Formation Records founder DJSS at a World Of Drum & Bass show in 2018, the jungle pioneer has been mentoring and guiding her to this exciting debut EP point.

Like all the best music, the whole EP is deeply personal as Azpect brings in her nearest and dearest and lays out her inspirations and ideas in a full technicolour D&B mission statement. ‘Reflections’ is a warm, purring dubwise number that features her younger brother Radio Soap on guitar, something Chiffon’s always wanted to do since she first started studying production in 2012.

A slew of high voltage jungle slammers follows: ‘Back It Up’ is pure rolling thunder. The peaktime danger jam of the EP, think Prototypes or Document One, there’s a powerful sense of controlled, weighty momentum running throughout. ‘Free Your Mind’ flips the vibe for a deep, contemplative experience as Azpect links with Lady MC and SS himself for a lesson in finding the positive. Finally ‘The Next Step’ closes the EP with the thoughtful bars of Formation resident MC G1 and some of Azpect’s finest star-gazing sonic textures. Hopeful, deep and full of drive, it’s the perfect way to leave us all waiting for her next step…

‘Reflections’ is out November 12 on Formation Records, jungle drum & bass music’s longest-standing labels. It follows the smouldering, soulful ‘Feeling Blessed’, the old school bone-rattling ‘The Fight’ on Formation Records’ ‘Back To Jungle Vol 2′ album and a remix of Bachelors Of Science. Plenty more is set to come as this promising young Canadian artist is just getting started.