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Aydn Ft. Es. Kay ‘Wait For Me’ [Inform Records]


Aydn Ft. Es. Kay ‘Wait For Me’ [Inform Records] *** Out 10th December 2021 on Juno and Spotify, the full release is 17th December 2021***

Hailing straight from the city of Bristol, Inform Recordsi s more than pleased to welcome the 23-year old producer Aydn to make his debut on the label with a pair of gorgeous deep-hitting liquid tracks that are truly a demonstration of his sound.

The first track ‘Mosaic’ throws us headfirst into deeply cutting melodic rhythms weaved in-between fast-paced drums and a melodic jazzy backdrop occasionally giving us a chance to catch a breath with a soothing piano break. Relaxing, yet at the same time beaming with energy, the almost 5-minute track is bound to wash over you.

Soulful and sublime would be the exact words to describe the second single ‘Wait For Me’ that is a true deep liquid soother complimented by ES. Kay‘s delicate vocals brooding with emotion. Being guided throughout the track by a gentle piano, a dreamy melody, and heart-wrenching lyrics, the track brings home the desperate feeling of unanswered love.

Fairly fresh to the producing scene but so rich in talent, Aydn has already made a strong name for himself as one of the most promising faces to look out for in the future.

Check out our premiere of ‘Wait For Me’ below. Make sure you grab yourself a copy of the release from the button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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