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Avantí drops ‘Toasted Sounds’ on Ransaked Records


Ransaked Records are immensely proud, and more than a bit excited, to reveal their next release; the debut official release from Avantí. He joins the ever-increasing list of artists on the Ransaked roster with his ‘Toasted Sounds’ release.

Originally from Brighton but now based in Bristol, the UK’s mecca for Drum & Bass, Sam’s been honing his craft for years. A veteran Drum & Bass head, note-perfect DJ and meticulous producer, he’s been a busy bee over lockdown, putting out a stream of carefully considered music that includes self-releases, a couple of tracks on boutique label Four Corners and, most recently, a free download on his new home; Ransaked.

This brings us to his ‘Toasted Sounds’ release, his first full solo official release. He hasn’t messed about either and pulled out all the stops to deliver two prime cuts of D&B power. The A-side, ‘Paula Abdul’, is a full-on stepper that’s all parts intricate percussion, undulating mid-bass and powerful sub, glued together by a cheeky reggae sample. It’s as dynamic as it is finely engineered, an endlessly funky, joyful rictus of a tune that goes off and goes off again, rolling all the way through its six-and-a-bit minute runtime.

‘Toasted Sounds’ on the flip is cut from the same cloth but still manages to be its own monster. Sam’s signature attention to detail is still there, as is some midrange witchcraft and a rasta sample but this time darkness is the name of the game. Driving sub-bass underlays a distinctly old-school tear down filth approach to minimal Drum & Bass that absolutely hammers along.

All in all, it’s a potent package teeming with vibes and a very warm welcome to Avantí. Get used to the name because you’ll be seeing it about for a while yet!

Today we premiere ‘Toasted Sounds’ which you can check out below. The release drops this Friday 25th June and is available for you to get your mitts on via the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!