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Arxiva joins Off-License Records with his ‘Unease’ EP


Coming through for Off-License Records next release, we not only have their next core artist but also somebody brand new to the label, Arxiva. If you’ve ever been exploring in the deepest corners of the modern underground scene then you may have already stumbled across this Serbian producer. His tribal acid rollers are known to delve deep into the essence of the psychedelic experience.

Arxiva is known for his fast-paced, deep, rolling mantras that take the listener on a journey through the low range frequencies. All while being accompanied by tribalistic percussions and hypnotic drum patterns. He’s already been featured on labels like Boey Audio, Parallel Depth, Onyx Recordings, and a load more. It’s clear that Arxiva is no novice when it comes to DNB. With that, Off-License Records announce him as their third core artist at the label, with his ‘Unease’ EP.

Kicking off this dark and dangerous EP is the opening track, ‘Has Been’. This is a deep amalgamation of fluttering bass and atmospherics which ride alongside an assembly of minimal, clean and punchy percussion. ‘Has Been’ is an excellent warm-up for what lies ahead!

Next up is the title track ‘Unease’. Starting off with a light patter of percussion, it doesn’t take long for this track to take you in at the deep end with an assortment of eroded mid-bass and a sub, heavy enough to rock any rig. A bright synth flows throughout the track, carrying you from section to section creating that unsettling feeling to match the title.

Coming in next is ‘Infinite’! Dark, techy vibes push forth the introduction and buildup of this track preparing for a heavy-hitting sub that’s accompanied by an array of glitchy, distorted synths. Arxiva really broadcasts his creativity throughout the 2nd half of this track, implementing an arrangement of fills and glitchy percussion to match the synths.

Closing the EP is our premiere for today, a progressive, rolling banger that goes by the name ‘Y’. Easing in with some stripped back atmospherics and light percussion, we’re slowly led to the main event of the track by a faint techy pluck which sweeps in and out throughout. Quickly moving things along, Arxiva shows his technical side by folding into the next part of the drop with a symphony of intricate sound design and creative sampling. This track is an evolution in audio form!

‘Unease’ is an intricate play of thought fragments recreated in a massive sub-bass rich sonic environment that will guide the listener through one of life’s many questions.

The 4 tracks that form this delicate yet disturbingly monstrous EP, are a balanced blend of experimental styles that modern Drum & Bass has to offer. Ranging from dancefloor oriented ritualistic rollers through hollow, low-end landscapers all the way to dark, hi-tech stompers, this EP is without a doubt branching the DnB tree into yet another sub-style that has become the trademark sound of Arxiva.

Check out ‘Y’ below. Arxiva’s ‘Unease’ EP drops on Off-License Records on 10th November and is available to buy here


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