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Arxiva drops ‘Locked Society’ EP on Calibrate Records


Arxiva is a name synonymous with deep, techy Drum & Bass always with a touch of grit. Calibrate Records’ next release from the aforementioned artist ‘Locked Society’ EP offers exactly that across 4 cuts of experimental, minimal Drum & Bass perfect for any dancefloor around the world.

‘Undenied’ opens up the EP and long-serving fans of Calibrate should recognise the obvious throwback connotations to his track ‘Mountain Trail’, the track that Arxiva debuted on Calibrate with. Acid-like arpeggios, gritty bass and percussive that constantly evolves throughout the track bolster this EP-opener preparing the listener perfectly for what’s to come.

Next up is the titled track ‘Locked Society’ which offers no compromise in the way of calming things down. Eerie atmospheres open up the track before the main vocal-hook teases in the drop. Minimal-yet-punchy drums pound whilst gritty subs jump in and out. As with any Arxiva track, progression is rife as reverberating percussive riffs bounce around the sonic space.

Offering some reprise, ‘Sooth’ delpoys Arxiva’s best bass and atmospheric flavours straight from his arsenal, but in a more stripped-back and tactful approach. Featuring similar synth melodies to ‘Undenied’, ‘Sooth’ is a masterclass in less-is-more composition and could easily fit inside a playlist or on the dancefloor to bring some calm before things get heated again.

‘Give and Take’ closes out the EP and coming off the back of ‘Sooth’, ups the ante once again. Starting out minimal and stripped back, Arxiva teases in and out gritty, vocal-like bass synths whilst the atmosphere and percussion builds up throughout the drop. A perfect way to close out an EP of sonic wizardry!

Today we premiere the title track ‘Locked Society’ which you can check out below. The EP dropped on 12th August exclusively on Beatport on Spotify and will be available everywhere else on 26th August. Make sure you bag yourself a copy from here!

Locked Society cover

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