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Art Twisted lands on Identity Records with ‘Manifest / Ritual’


Sinister mutations challenging the very fabric of sound, Art Twisted launches two of the darkest weapons to hit your speakers on Identity Records. ‘Manifest / Ritual’ combine the searing energy inherent in styles like tearout and foghorn, with the intricate sound design found in the deeper side of drum and bass. An ambitious order, this is a crash course through gritty textures and heavy vibes that peels back the imagination one layer at a time.

‘Manifest’ kicks the release off with fiery vocals from the likes of Bazzen Toppen, pushing the hard hitting drums and monstrous bassline to their absolute limit in response. Interjecting a dark yet soulful variation into the mix, it serves to maximize the dynamic range of the track – the switch back to the rapid fire vocals and tough rhythms packs a punch like you’ve never heard before. Topping it off with addictive hums of siren noise and a keen sense of pacing, there is no doubt the intensity this track will unleash on the dancefloor.

Following it up with ‘Ritual’, it’s clear this is a producer who wields the power of intention. A powerful bassline lays at the core of this track, possessing a vibrational hum that establishes itself with extreme precision. The chattering of the drum section and menacing swirl of the vocals create a harsh consistency, counterpointing the careening subs and serving as a power check…Harnessing this anxiety of being held at the brink, it embodies the hypnotizing pull of the dark minimal sound taking over DnB.

Today we premiere ‘Manifest’ which you can check out below. The release drops on Friday 5th July, you can grab yourself copy from here!

Manifest cover