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Albees debuts on Phase Records DNB with ‘Make Em Clap’ EP


Phase Records DNB returns to Italy for their latest EP of the year, introducing a fresh talent on board! They’re thrilled to present Albees and his ‘Make Em Clap’ EP.

Alberto Curci, known as Albees, has been an integral part of Italy’s Drum & Bass movement since the early 2000s. Initially a DJ, he recently pivoted toward music production, adding new dimensions to his repertoire. With a deep appreciation for vintage vinyl tones, his style draws inspiration from early funk, breakbeats, and 90s hip-hop vibes. Albees’ signature sound combines organic, rolling drums with deep, distorted, techy basslines. Having showcased his work on esteemed labels like DeVice, Incurzion, and Four Corners, the crew are immensely proud to welcome him to Phase.

Albees’ musical journey began in the late ’90s, fueled by an insatiable passion for vinyl culture. His roots in DJing laid the foundation for a transition into the realm of music production, marking a pivotal moment in his sonic expedition. Venturing into the nuances of sound design and production, Albees cultivated a unique fusion of styles, infusing his tracks with the nostalgic crackle of vintage records intertwined with futuristic, tech-driven basslines.

His commitment to authenticity and innovation within the Drum & Bass sphere has earned him widespread recognition among peers and enthusiasts. Albees’ dedication to crafting a distinctive sonic identity is evident in his ability to evoke nostalgia while pushing the boundaries of contemporary soundscapes. Each composition reflects a meticulous approach, weaving sonic tapestries that resonate with both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre.

Albees’ artistic evolution continues to captivate audiences through emotive performances and studio productions. His contributions stand as a testament to an unwavering commitment to pushing the sonic envelope, solidifying his place as a rising luminary in the Drum & Bass realm. ‘Make Em Clap,’ with its raw, rolling essence, is a testament to Albees’ journey, eagerly anticipated by Phase Records DNB as they prepare to gift this fantastic EP to the world.

Today we premiere ‘Shut Plumbing’ which you can check out below. Albees ‘Make Em Clap’ EP drops today, Friday 17th November. Make sure you grab a copy here!

Make Em Clap cover

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