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Newcomer Ainonow drops his debut EP ‘Exile’


Introducing Ainonow, a trailblazing newcomer shaping the contours of dark, minimal Drum & Bass, marking a remarkable debut with the unveiling of his ‘Exile’ EP. This groundbreaking release serves as Ainonow’s initiation into the vibrant tapestry of the Goop Troop Collective, promising an avant-garde sonic expedition destined to redefine the very essence of bass music while enthralling audiences with an unprecedented auditory odyssey.

Within Ainonow’s ‘Exile’ EP lies a mesmerizing fusion, a testament to his eclectic influences and innovative production prowess. Embracing avant-garde techniques and a profound grasp of sound design, this inaugural offering voyages into uncharted sonic realms, pushing the boundaries of experimentation and musical evolution. By seamlessly intertwining elements from a myriad of electronic music genres—spanning Drum & Bass, Halftime, Wonky, Trap, UK Bass, Glitch, IDM, Post-Industrial, Hip-Hop and Rap—the ‘Exile’ EP promises an unparalleled and immersive experience, captivating both seasoned listeners and new enthusiasts alike.

At the helm of this enigmatic musical venture stands Kyle Kroeck, the creative force behind Ainonow. His musical genesis traces back to the tender age of 9 when he first wielded the viola in an orchestra, igniting an enduring passion for music. Yet, the confines of classical music failed to quench his thirst for sonic exploration. Transitioning through various bands and exploring the depths of bass guitar, his journey eventually converged upon the underground realms of electronic music and hip-hop. It was here, amidst the hypnotic cadences and seismic basslines, that he found his true calling—electronic music production—ushering in a realm of infinite sonic possibilities.

Ainonow’s diverse musical heritage and multifaceted influences manifest in an array of sonic tapestries. From the depths of dark and weighty Drum & Bass to the intricate realms of broken beat halftime and experimental bass music, his compositions resonate with organic textures, leading audiences on a mesmerizing auditory expedition. Positioned as one of the foremost rising visionaries within the underground electronic music sphere, Ainonow’s sonic creations epitomize the potent fusion of experimentation and boundless avenues for creative expression.

Today we premiere ‘Triturate’ which you can check out below. Ainonow is self-releasing his ‘Exile’ EP on 29th November. You can grab a copy from here!

Exile cover