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Accelerated drops ‘Grit / Reckoning’ on Intrigue Music


Argentinian Drum & Bass producer Accelerated returns to Intrigue Music for a two-track release – ‘Grit / Reckoning’.

His first EP was released on Soul Deep Recordings, ‘Lossless Love’ expressed really atmospheric vibes, with emotional liquid touches and soft textures and voices. In his follow up EP he displayed dark and deep vibes with ‘Limitless’ and his remix of ‘The Last Time’ and ‘Legend’ dropped on Addictive Behaviour.

Accelerated has been influenced by artists such as Satl, Malaky, Silence Groove, Phil Tangent, GLXY, R1C0, Fluidity, Ill Truth, and Changing Faces. He is working on new music as we speak. He has appeared on a number of guest mixes already including DNB Dojo, Addictive Behaviour and Stunna‘s The Greenroom and has seen DNBArena premiere one of his tracks. Things are looking good for this aspiring young artist.

This release sees the talented producer venturing into darker territory than 2021’s ‘Alpha‘ EP, setting out to explore the depths of minimal production.

The tense, brooding atmosphere of ‘Grit’ is packed with a sense of lurking danger, tension builds throughout as crisp drums and growling bass puncture the cinematic suspense Accelerated creates with ease.

‘Reckoning’ continues the dramatic uncertainty with haunting vocal samples that set the tone for fast-paced, anxious drums leading you through haunting melodics and moonlit bass.

A welcome return to the popular label for Accelerated – dark, rolling and intriguingly uneasy in equal measure.

Today we premiere ‘Reckoning’ which you can check out below. The 2 track single drops this Friday 19th August on Intrigue Music’s Bandcamp, make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Grit / Reckoning cover

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