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5 Facts 5 Tracks: Problem Central



Problem Central is the freshest Drum and Bass outfit to take the world by storm.

Although a new collective, Problem Central is built on the foundations of legend. Four powerful individuals, all kings by their own merit, assemble to what can only be explained as a Drum and Bass supergroup. DJs Majistrate & Logan D with MC’s Eksman & Evil B amalgamate to bring a show like nothing ever experienced before.

The guys sat down to tell us a bit more about themselves and some of the music they are playing at their new shows!

5 Essential Problem Central Facts:

1. Collectively, the guys have won 24 awards in 3 different genres. Drum and bass, Garage and Grime including every possible best MC award, Best label, Best breakthrough promoter and best music video.

2. Majistrate picked his DJ name by opening a dictionary and choosing the first word he saw.

3. Eksman has a degree in computer science.

4. Logan is well on the way to seeing visible abs and is also the son of legend Mickey Finn.

5. Evil B has had over 50hrs of tattooing.

5 Essential Problem Central Tracks:

1) Turno, Upgrade & Logan D – Make It Clap – Low Down Deep

A collaboration between three Low Down Deep artists, it’s definitely an impact track with high energy and it’s been smashing up dance floors since early 2018.

2) High Contrast – If We Ever Unglued Bootleg – Hospital

The original was a favourite and this keeps the original vibe so well, nice in the mix too!

3) Subsonic – Do Your Thang – Low Down Deep

Subsonic, a new kid on the block that has been turning heads recently. This track reminds us of styles similar to those at the start of this century but with a 2018 lick!

4) Majistrate – Being Afraid – Low Down Deep

Maji goes back to Low Down Deep for this release, it’s more of a deeper roller but still has the energy and vibe to tear up dance floors!

5) 2 Phat DJ’S ft Evil B VS BLive – Yosh Records

Problem Central’s very own Evil B shows his versatility featuring in this huge banger! Not exactly dnb, but we’ve dropped this in all our sets and it’s lifting the roof off…Keep an eye out for this one!

Check out the video of Problem Central performing at South West Four Festival last month! Pure energy and vibes for days!

Upcoming events:

29th September – On a Mission Torquay Ft: Problem Central // Crissy Criss – The Foundry, Torquay Tickets
27th October – Playaz Halloween – O2 Academy, Brixton Tickets
16th November – Titan Bass: Problem Central, Voltage, Upgrade, Limited, Uncle Dugs & More Tickets
23rd November – Innovation In The Dam 2018 Tickets
1st December – In:Motion / Run x Playaz x Dimension: UK Tour x V Recordings Tickets
1st December – Problem Central: Birmingham Tickets



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