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4am Kru drop ‘Pianos Raining Down’ on Another Rhythm


It’s February 2022 at 11:30pm on a Wednesday night – Attendees at Broadcast, Glasgow have just seen a local guitar band perform to a humble crowd of 7 people – by midnight, 200 rave-ready teenagers have crammed the venue for a Gen-Z renaissance of rave culture. A breaks-heavy night of carnage from 4am Kru. Choosing to perform their music live as opposed to a DJ set, their craft and love for the genre bring a unique energy that’s a modern take on a pivotal time in UK electronic music’s history.

While the rest of the UK was sleeping during lockdown, a new generation of teenagers and twenty-somethings were raving, online crate digging, discovering and self-releasing their own take on the old jungle formula. Now in 2022, most cities in the UK have a system of interlocked producers, DJs, labels, sound systems and venues hosting jungle parties on a weekly basis. 4am Kru are one of the leading lights in a scene of producers and DJs reshaping the rave culture – DJs Sherelle, Glow Club, Pete Cannon and stalwart Tim Reaper rep the scene across the country as well as running labels N4, Hooversound and Future Retro.

4am Kru (real names Howie & Stu) both met while touring in different bands, exploring different genres and honing their live skills. During the pandemic, they began building their production skills and soon started releasing their high-octane, modern jungle productions after discovering a passion for the sound of the early 90s.

“There’s this positive energy and raw creativity in the in the music from ’88 – ’96 especially. We both love it, particularly the hardcore & jungle sound that’s found its way to us through older siblings, raves, DJs and Discogs and Youtube digging. The deeper we dug the more we discovered”.

4am Kru

The new single ‘Pianos Raining Down’ is a collaboration with house veterans McDonald and Jannetta, and it continues in the duos’ passion for blending the old with a new production standard. The breakdown has a classic, acid-house piano before a visceral jungle break takes centre stage. Speaking on the release they state:

“‘Pianos Raining Down’ started with us hearing an old rave vinyl, freaking out over the piano riff, then going to great lengths to track down the piano player. It turned out to be Paul Jannetta and a couple of phone calls later the track was ready to go!”

4am Kru

The ‘Pianos Raining Down’ release features 3 different remixes, the original, a breaks remix and of course a jungle remix. We chose to premiere the jungle remix (obviously!) and you can check it out below. Make sure you grab a copy for your arsenal from here!

Pianos Raining Down cover


October 8th – Birmingham – Suki10C

October 14th – Bristol – Coroner’s Court

October 21th – Liverpool – 24 Kitchen Street

October 28th – Brighton – Patterns

October 29th – Norwich – Space  Studios

November 4th – Nottingham – Percy Picklepackers

November 5th – Manchester – Kable Club

November 12th – Manchester – Rebellion Club

November 26th – Bristol – Lost Horizon

Dec 3rd – Leeds – Beaverworks

Dec 28th – London – Brixton Jamm


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