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Traxsource reduces Prices



The online music store, Traxsource have announced they have made a complete overhaul of their pricing structure.

The aim is to make ‘Traxsource better value than ever’, the changes includes the price of millions of tracks, singles, EPs, albums and compilations and have been adjusted for good. So, all Exclusive Promo tracks will now cost $0.50 less than before.   A new ‘Classic’ tier, with track prices coming down by $0.50, 90 days after release and improved pricing on packages of 3 tracks or more, such as multiple-track Singles, EPs, Albums and Compilations.

They have also changed the prices on AIFF & WAV packages to be significantly more affordable – e.g. a 40-track compilation will now cost $25.99, compared to the previous standard price of $55.99.

Head to the store to check it out!


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