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Zero T & Beta 2 drop ‘Exiles EP’ on Metalheadz


The highly esteemed Irish duo Zero T and Beta 2 are back on Metalheadz with their ‘Exiles EP’ which is a true, modern-day reproduction of the old skool Metalheadz sound that solidified the labels roots 25 years ago.

Consisting of 6 tracks on the full release, the EP can at times destroy dancefloors with the likes of ‘Exiles’ and ‘Dead Cert’, whilst the richly enchanting tones of ‘Misdemeanour’ and ‘Altered Destiny’ quickly serenade the listener at every chance. This is a true example of the definition of a complete package and one that has so far had a great response from the pair’s peers and legends within the scene, with shouts from Dillinja to Goldie being the icing on the cake.

With his first release in 1999, London based Zero T has long since established his place in the scene. From his early days in Dublin with the Bassbin label, to working with the likes of Calibre,4 Hero, Klute, Alix Perez, Icicle and Noisia to name a few, he has never stood still.

Beta 2 has also been producing amazing music since the early 2000’s and again has worked with other first class names like S.P.Y . This is not the first time the duo have come together to make music, having had previous releases on Metalheadz, Dispatch, Bassbin, C.I.A. and more. With this new release, again, it’s very clear to see why they return to work with each other time and time again as it’s a match made in heaven!

Our premiere today is ‘Dead Cert’ which is dark and gritty with a punchy, rolling bassline and wicked drums! Coupled with loads of synths and otherworldy sounds… automatic stink face!

Check out ‘Dead Cert’ below. Zero T & Beta 2’s ‘Exiles EP’ drops on Metalheadz on 7th February. Grab it from here


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