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XOLYX drops his ‘Crushing Steel’ EP


Watford-based producer XOLYX has been making his name known through the drum and bass scene with alarming speed over the last couple of years, and his dark productions have not gone unnoticed. Having previously released on labels like Modular Carnage and Incurzion Audio, and gaining support from the likes of Ray Keith and Bredren, we are happy that SINE Audio had their eyes and ears peeled and spotted him. Now they’ve brought his twisted sounds to the imprint.

Opening up the EP is our premiere ‘Missing’ which is a murky, slow building track that combines atmospherics with galloping kicks, a rumbling low end and recurrent glitchy synths. It toes the line between the heavier neuro energy from the rest of the EP, and a more progressive, textural roller. Who’d have thought a quote from Ferris Buller would double up as the intro to a deep drum and bass track?

Title track ‘Crushing Steel’ comes next teasing calming, atmospheric pads in the intro before rising kick drums lead into a drop filled with techy precision.

Next up is ‘Trench’ a no-frills, techy drum and bass roller. A repeating vocal sample leads you into the drop, which hits you from every angle with disarming bass growls, accented by rolling percussion and strong progression throughout its entirety.

Closing the EP is ‘System Malfunction’ which is probably the heaviest, most dystopian sounding track from the EP. The sci-fi imagery harks back to the days of early techstep tunes, yet the production is more reminiscent of newer takes on neuro and minimal.

XOLYX ‘Crushing Steel’ EP lands on SINE Audio on 28th February. Check out ‘Missing’ below and grab the EP from here


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