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Visages get ready to drop their ‘Points Of View’ Remixes EP featuring Rizzle


Lyon based Drum & Bass label Impact Music has devoted itself to bringing the genre’s fanbase a selection of tracks which define not just the French scene, but also its developing trends. Year after year they’ve built on their foundations, as a result demonstrating that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Their next release is why they’ve become such an identifiable podium for newcomer talent, with Visages taking the plate for a brand new, three track EP which sees a return of their precise production, although with a twist. The Toulouse based Visages bring another flavour to Impact Music, through a package of remixes which hands out different parts of the artists original idea through a different lens.

Our premiere is from Rizzle who closes the EP. Having already made waves through a range of releases on labels such as Dispatch, Shogun, Invisible, Symmetry and Vandal; his name is already widely recognised. Rizzle’s spin on ‘Remover’ signals exactly why this is, with its whirling percussive patches and clanking drum patterns delivering you into its high-arching grooves. It also has an urgency which is difficult to remove yourself from, alluding to its danceability.

Visages ‘Points Of View’ EP is out on 25th May on Impact Music. Check out ‘Remover’ below and grab the EP here


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