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Ukrainian Secret Weapon release his ‘For Dancefloor Only’ EP


Ukrainian Secret Weapon aka U.S.W. Music that finally comes out and spreads everything around.

The project was created in the shadow of the industrial “machine” of the metropolis and strict administrative secrecy. Aggressive, loud, noisy and merciless, is it not a weapon of mass destruction? The first blow of USW strikes with its EP “For Dancefloor Only” on ∆ØПЕ label.

The EP includes 4 absolutely dark-techno bangers. But like any villain in his field, he still has enough secret, unreleased weapons in the form of his tracks. Our premiere track is ‘Heart Failure’ featuring Radmir Wayne, man tempered in raves of St. Petersburg and Berlin, charged with much energy and carries a moderately tragic mood. It shows dark sides of our life and our universe. 

Strap-in and hold your seats, this is tough and check it out below.