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Tyler Frost releases on up and coming label Drum Army


Promising newcomer Tyler Frost from Russia started writing his own music in 2013. Four years later, on the domestic label IMMINENT Recordings, his creative offering turned into an EP entitled ‘Restricted Midnight Area’, followed by the composition ‘Strange Noises’, which became part of the collection on ‘Citate Forms Select II’, released on Citate Forms.

My passion for music is not just a hobby for me, it is something more, something that allows me to fully express my psycho-emotional state, allows me to abstract from the outside world and its cruel realities, it helps to understand my thoughts and feelings. – Tyler Frost

Fast forward to 2019 and he’s ready to share his new EP ‘Chaos’ via up and coming Swiss label Drum Army on 21st March. It’s a hypnotic journey through four beautiful and calm but also dark and rolling tunes. Inspired by the roots and realised in a modern style.

Our premiere is the brilliant ‘False Idols’ which lures you in with a relaxing intro, then the synths come in, followed by a filthy bassline, some bouncey drums, a bit of electro and an eerie topline.

Check out ‘False Idols’ below and grab a copy of the EP here


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