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Trevor Gordon is next on Crooks & Villains with ‘If You See Love’


Next up on Crooks & Villains is Trevor Gordon with an exciting two-track EP ‘If You See Love’.

Trevor Gordon is the man from the moon, observing earthlings from afar. An introvert by nature, and an explorer of experimenting with sound. Signed to Gent’s & Dandys, Pogo House and others, his trademark sound is finding favour with a diverse cross-section of artists.

‘If You See Love’ opens in fine form. Lively and fun, the disco-fied beats fall away to reveal a monologue of hope before launching into carnival-style frivolities, pianos and good times. It’s like summer in a jar. ‘CRYD’ takes a vastly different direction. Eminently well crafted, the Reese bass lead and bright stabs tell a tale of classic deep house in a modern world.

We premiere the lead track ‘If You See Love’ for you today. Check it out below and grab it from Traxsource now.


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