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Tom Trago remixes Lonely C & Kendra Foster’s ‘Ain’t Worried’ on Soul Clap’s label



Hot on the heels of “Hold Up”, Lonely C aka Charlie from Soul Clap’s leading single from the debut LP “Charles & Tribulations”, Soul Clap Records introduces one more featuring the singer/ songwriting force that is Kendra Foster.

The follow-up, titled “Ain’t Worried”, was originally a collaboration between Lonely C and Greg Paulus (No Regular Play), then taken to the finish line with the help of Morgan Wiley and the magic of Kendra Foster. This record fuses elements of futuristic deep house, jazz, R&B and even a taste of the funk, embarking on a wild ride of raw emotion and deliberate sass. On the remix tip and our premiere today, they bring the master touch of Amsterdam heavyweight Tom Trago who reinterprets this piece creating a moment of late-night hypnosis.

Lonely C’s words: “Originally we wrote the track around a recording of Deee-Lite’s Lady Miss Kier recorded late night at the original Marcy Hotel in Williamsburg. We were tracking a different song but kept rolling and caught her doing some vocal exercises that were so drenched in personality that totally had us inspired. Sadly it didn’t click with where she was at (I love Kier and have always wanted to work with her.) but when me and Morgan played if for Kendra she picked right up and did her thing without batting an eye! Lyrically it’s about finding a stronger version of yourself after love gone wrong, a sort of declaration to the world but also a self-affirmation. I love this piece of music and am so blessed to have the support and collaboration of talent like Kendra Foster, Morgan Wiley and Greg Paulus!”

Check out the premiere below and grab a copy here.


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