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Swerve Digital compiles ‘Genesis-3’ VA


The next release on Swerve is the ‘Genesis-3’ VA. A compilation of works from some of the UK’s finest up and coming artists including Sam Girling, Someguy, Jack Rafter, Caruana and Fede Aliprandi.

The compilation features a varied blend of housey pianos, acid melodies, wobbly basslines, pumping tech beats and much more, it’s a release that is likely to have a little something for everyone inside.

Kicking off the VA is our premiere, Sam Girling’s ‘Panic Acid’ sports an edgy, robotic vibe; reminiscent of the type of sound championed by artists like Jamie Jones and Patrick Topping in recent years. A track loaded with disarranged rhythm and grungy, processed sounds and plenty of quirky character.

The ‘Genesis-3’ VA (feat. Sam Girling, Someguy, Jack Rafter, Caruana & Fede Aliprandi) via Swerve Digital – grab it here.

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