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Stuss debuts on Monk Audio with ‘Hollow Headed’


Next up for Monk Audio they have Cardiff based DJ and producer Stuss with his debut release on the imprint ‘Hollow Headed’.

It all started back in 2017 for Stuss, after going to his first rave and since then he’s grown from strength to strength. Getting influences from across the spectrum of Drum & Bass, his main influences come from the likes of Break, S.P.Y, and DLR.

Over the past 3 years Stuss has supported many of the big names in Drum & Bass, playing 2 years in a row at El Dorado Festival with Riddim Records and supporting the likes of Randall, Bladerunner, Serum and Voltage at the start of this year.

‘Hollow Headed’ is Stuss’ debut release on Monk Audio and sees him collaborate with MC XL and man these two have not held back! MC XL is a resident host at Aperture, Bedlam, Bullion, Diffrent, Submerge, Skankandbass, Shelter, Spindoctors, Riddim Records and Temple.

The raves might not be back up and running just yet (not in the way we’d like anyway!) but tunes like these will make you ache to be back down those long, dark tunnels.

Check out Stuss ft. MC XL ‘Hollow Headed’ below. It drops on Monk Audio on 7th September so make sure you grab yourself a copy from here