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Something new from The Headspace and Bass Movement


Something new is coming from Australian brand The Headspace and Bass Movement as it brings together two worlds to create one global movement. Picture this…a music festival, awe-inspiring, amazing high, the best time of your life. And then it ends. You are left craving your next experience outside the ordinary day to day reality.

What would you give to have that feeling back? To have it every day? The Headspace and Bass Movement exists to remind people of their power to create lives that they don’t want to escape from. They bring together music, fitness and adventure in celebration of nature, strength and connection.

Why is it different from everything that has gone before? CEO, Bec Robertson says “we are doing something no one else in the world is doing. Using exceptional research skills honed during my time as a lawyer, we have scoured the planet to bring together what we believe to be the most fundamental components to living on a natural high every day”.

Their secret weapon is the use of music (specifically Drum & Bass) to help people switch off their thinking/logical mind. The benefit of this is a more creative and imaginative sense of being, where there are no limits.

Why Drum & Bass? Well, research has shown that the use of rhythmic drumming facilitates a transcendent state beyond the ordinary day to day reality. And, because they are all about ENERGY, you cannot beat the vibes of Drum & Bass to take you on a musical journey – just ask any festival goer.

In house music producer, Cal Jamma, alongside other artists, creates all music for the movement’s own record label. Bec says “in this way, we are also doing our bit to provide an alternative means for artists and musicians to have their music heard in a saturated music market“.

Today we premiere ‘Feel Free’ which features the lyrical talents of MC PAB. This is a freedom anthem that shares how music can unify us all. Too often we forget our individual power and the power that we have as a collective to inspire change. Music is the key to remembering the great strength that we hold to fight for freedom, growth and unity. Together we do this.

Take a mystery trip and soul journey with master lyricist and performer, MC PAB. His vocal magic is woven through the flowing instrumentals produced by Cal Jamma. Galactic synths, melodic piano and a crisp snare, evolve and expand the mind to a higher frequency where we can feel free.

Check out ‘Feel Free’ below and experiment with doing some yoga along with it! ‘Feel Free’ drops on The Headspace and Bass Movement on 28th February. Grab it from here!