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Skalator Music welcomes Sedo to the fold


2020 is here and off to a great start, musically! Skalator Music is expanding their catalogue into this new year, with a single from UK producer, Sedo.

Raised in a residential recording studio in the depths of Wales, Sedo has been surrounded by music since a very young age. Coming from such an inspiring musical upbringing, it was inevitable that he would eventually be driven to do something musical himself. This something came in the form DJ’ing at parties whilst at Uni in Manchester. Soon after he began producing D&B.

After a couple of jump up releases a long time ago, he went off the radar for some years. He returned to production with a vengeance around three years ago, eager to perfect his sound and engineering abilities. Within 18 months of attacking the production, he had a release on Symmetry Recordings and another on Tesseract Recordings. Now, Sedo takes his own and unique musical dexterity to Skalator Music, unleashing two solid cuts that ooze rawness and deliver dance floor absurdity.

We’ve been following Sedo for a while now and his productions just get better and better. As a listener, you can immediately recognise some of the most fundamental cornerstones of the 90’s funk-fuelled Drum & Bass sound.

Opening this release is ‘In Control’ which sets the tone with its funk-fuelled bassline, smart fx, and ingenious distorted tones aimed directly to keep the listener on their toes, while our premiere ‘Dark Pool’ takes us on a darker voyage with moody synths sparkling a two-step kick-snare combo before all havoc breaks loose in the form of nasty filtered synth bass lines.

Check out Sedo ‘Dark Pool’ below. The single drops on Skalator Music on 10th January and you can grab a copy here


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