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SiLi drops his ‘Looove’ EP on Differential



SiLi is a hugely talented artist from Bern, Switzerland having released on Differential, Soul Deep Recordings and RustOut Records, together with some banging individual releases. Having played the piano for 8+ years, he’s developed a lot of musical knowledge, and on top of that also being active in the rap and pop scene of Switzerland, he’s gained impeccable skills which he’s now showing in the drum and bass scene. His magical blend between soulful melodies and soothing basslines, topped off with top-notch percussion will bring him to great heights.

Returning to Differential after his smooth release “Deep Pressure”, SiLi brings us his sublime “Looove EP”. His undeniable talent and extreme versatility is written all over it, ranging from the absolute dancefloor killer “Swing It”, the melodically driven title track “Looove” and the warm and soul-soaked “Stalactites” and “Back N Forth”. The EP is rounded off with our premiere ‘Thumped’ with a burst of energy through the track.  The diversity in rhythms and melodies will ensure you won’t be bored for a minute.

Check out ‘Thumped’ below and grab a copy here

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