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Seereal drops his ‘Village’ EP on Hyperactivity Music


Hyperactivity Music have gone from being a small independent label to having their music played globally, due to the hard work of their founding artist BRK and his now expansive roster. They stand as a pinnacle of the French underground scene and their music has enabled them to inject their influence throughout the world, with several artists becoming the signature flag bearers for the brand. With BRK being the founder of the Future Skankerz crew in Marseille, he had the experience to set up a platform which would engineer itself as a defining part of the French drum & bass culture and the reasons why seep through all of their releases.

The forthcoming EP from Seereal presents yet another side of the imprint and Hyperactivity draw for an artist who debuts on this forward-thinking label. His intricate sounds, mixed with grooves, high emotion and a darker undercurrent have helped draw fans in whilst providing a glimpse into what Hyperactivity are about. And that’s diversity, the type of which can be fully explored within the soundscapes of drum & bass, led by producers like Seereal and on podiums like Hyperactivity.

‘Redfly’, ‘Village’ and ‘Comstyle’ are the three fresh cuts which Seereal delivers the audience of Hyperactivity through his forthcoming ‘Village’ EP. ‘Redfly’ starts with an urgency which cuts through the composition alongside percussive drum engineering and a throbbing bassline. This is then followed by ‘Village’, with its cutting snaps and drum cracks which once again pay homage to his expert rhythmic work, something which is a distinguishing factor of his work. Our premiere ‘Comstyle’ then continues with its progression, flipping between zapping LFOS and the type of grooves which find themselves across the bulk of Seereal’s production. He ensures the danceability of his tracks whilst maintaining its heavier elements, something which the French drum & bass sphere is renowned for.

Hyperactivity proves their weight against their counterparts once more for Seereal’s forthcoming EP; in doing so, they reaffirm their title as one of the most exciting labels to come through in recent times.

Check out ‘Comstyle’ below. Seereal’s ‘Village’ EP drops on Hy[eractivity on 13th May, be sure to grab a copy from here


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