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Sam Girling releases his ‘Hot’ EP via Swerve Digital


The next release on Swerve Digital comes from the supremely talented & emerging UK talent Sam Girling. They give him a debut full release.

Sam Girling’s sensational ‘Hot EP’ features two amazing originals and a powerful Luca Donzelli remix. The release showcases just how much potential this 19-year-old Bedford based wunderkind has.

Sam has taken to House like a duck to water with signings to a number of great labels and has an exciting future in the industry ahead of him.

Our premiere ‘Hot’ is an impressive slice of contemporary acid tech. Bolting from the gates with all the swagger and poise of a producer twice his age, the bounce of the rubbery bass counterpoints the bubble of the 303 magnificently. Sparse and playful percussions keep you locked into the dance floor, everything about this track shouts fun.

Check out ‘Hot’ below and grab a copy here.