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Rockwell drops 2 new tracks on Obsolete Medium


Representing all corners of the globe, this summer sees Rockwell release ‘Level’ feat. The Upbeats and ‘Block’ feat. Phace. This is the second instalment on Rockwell’s newly founded imprint, Obsolete Medium.

Rockwell enlists his friends into the Obsolete Medium fold, with two tracks that continue to investigate the distorted, granular, and futuristic soundscapes which punctuate Rockwell’s work.

“One of the main reasons I started OBSOLETE MEDIUM was to make it easier to write and release music with my mates. There is nothing like catching a vibe in the studio and rolling out something grungy with one of your good friends, and both ‘LEVEL’ and ‘BLOCK’ are great examples of this”

One of the most exhilarating talents to come out of the drum and bass scene in recent times. He’s released on some of the biggest and most revered labels in the game – Metalheadz, Critical, Neosignal, Shogun Audio, Darkestral – and collaborated with a range of artists including Roni Size, Flowdan, Sam Binga and Breakage.

This year will see Rockwell continue his mission, undertaking further sonic explorations with his label.

Our premiere is ‘Block’ ft. Phace. You can check it out below. It’s out 21st June via Obsolete Medium. Grab a copy from here

Feature Image by Chelone Wolf