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Rising star Changer lands on Context Audio


Context Audio’s 19th release has been a long time in the making but my god, is it ever worth it! Stepping up to the plate this time around is the homegrown homeboy Changer, who also hails from Portsmouth and was responsible for that internet breaking bootleg of Bicep ‘Glue’ that dropped last Christmas. With a string of releases on liquid stalwart labels like Phil Tangent’s Lunar Records, Soul Deep and Riddim Records, working with Context Audio was a natural next step. Changer’s ‘Sunrise’ EP lands on Context Audio on 7th May.

Bringing together three original tunes, and one stunning Phil Tangent remix, the EP ranges from the Calibre-esque organic tones of ‘Think About It’, through to the powerful, vocal-led ‘Sit & Watch The Sunrise’ with underrated talent Leo Wood by way of the heartfelt ‘Who Knows Me’.

The whole EP is another wicked release in Context’s unbroken run of absolutely top class releases and a superb soundtrack to the summer, such as it is at the moment. It’s also a testament to the undeniable talent that is Changer and you should expect to see a whole lot more from this rising star in future.

Today, we premiere Phil Tangent’s remix of ‘Sit & Watch The Sunrise’ which is pure liquid gold!! But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself below and support all the artists and label by grabbing the EP from here